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Neowin Member Reviews: Cellular Line Anti-Slip Grip pad

Whenever we can, usually in the weekend, we showcase a tech hardware related review submitted by a member in our forums. Remember that we consider all reviews that are submitted here. So if you've recently bought a new gadget and you're impressed, or even disappointed by it let the community know by submitting a review about it; your review might make the front page next week! The more complex the review is, the more likely it will be selected.

This week we've made an exception, and mrk makes another appearance, this time with a mini-review of the Cellular Line Anti-Slip Grip pad for the home/car that he received for his Galaxy S3 that we covered last week.


Got this in to test if it would hold the S3 with a case attached and I got my answer.


Yes because it will hold the phone with the ROCK case and protect against slip from horizontal slip but go over a bump at speed and you will probably find the phone bouncing off somewhere!

The grip is rather epic when a case isn't used though, on anything that has a shiny surface it will grip like nobodies business.

My dash is matte and I found the pad to stick acceptably, not amazing as I can see it working loose over time and it can be peeled off quite easily. Non matte dashboards will see it sticking with brutal force though. Basically any shiny or smoother surface and it's a winner.

I would not use it regularly with a case like the ROCK attached to the phone because of the lack of adhesive grip on such cases, only use with shiny cases or caseless. It's perfect for holding pens/key fobs and whatnot though.

Read the rest of the review in our forums (does not end well) ->

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