Neowin News: On Launch day

Hiya Peeps! Chris Pirillo of Lockergnome / TechTV - The Screensavers sent us an email last night, here is what he had to say about Neowin:

"I was showing off Windows XP and showed them where to get the PowerToys. In faaaaaaaact, we tried pulling up your site when I was hosting the show last night (Tuesday -ED) - but you were down. =o)

Expect more nods from both Lockergnome, Call for Help, and my radio show in the future. Y'all are awesome."

Bummer! oh well, we were going through a server move when he tried to plug us live on TV but TechTV's Megan did drop our name last night on the program (even if she did say Neowin.COM) LOL. Anyway as you may of noticed, we have experienced server slow-downs lately, this is due to the influx of new visitors riding on a server move. This server move is now completed and you should see an overall better performance on Neowin.

We will also be going to the XP launch here in Holland and take some pictures of the event which we hope to post this evening, stay tuned for any updates, and as always have a good one and thankyou everyone for your continued support.

*Update* I (me101) will also be going to an XP launch event, in Boston, will report my findings from that event as well... see ya all... :)

And cheers Chris, we love Lockergnome too ;)

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