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Neowin Site News and Game Servers

Hey guys. I just wanted to say hello and welcome to Neowin for all the new sign-ups recently. Neowin is booming. So much so that our dedicated box (stats here) is feeling it lately. It's been a while since your friendly admin gave a heads up to anything, because well everything has been going so smoothly!

I wanted to remind old and new visitors alike that we have 2 sections next to the standard news page here. They are: Software news and Gamers news. They are split from the main page because we generally post too much in one day so it scrolls off too fast. Also so that people who don't care for Gamers news doesn't have to view it. We also have an Archived Page where all the headlines are stored for the past 7 days and if thats not enough you can search headlines and content here.

We have also just put up 2 game servers for your pleasure. They are Counter-Strike 1.5 and Jedi Knight you can read all about connecting to them here (Thanks Sub)

Also a big thanks to those that send in news to Neowin, we really appreciate it because you guys help us keep Neowin up to date and fresh.

Thats it! Thanks guys. Hope to see you in my game CS :P

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