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Netscape Founder Says Web Browsing Innovation Dead

Thanks Quick Reply. Marc Andreessen, co-creator of the pioneering Web browser Mosaic, said he laments that innovation has all but ceased on this essential piece of software that makes surfing the Net possible. "There hasn't been any innovation on the browser in the last five years. And five years from now there won't be any changes," Andreessen told Reuters on Tuesday.

"Navigation is an embarrassment. Using bookmarks and back and forth buttons -- we had about eighteen different things we had in mind for the browser." Andreessen was in London on Tuesday to speak at an industry event and announce that his company Opsware, a firm that handles data-center management for corporations and government agencies, was expanding into Britain.

This summer marks the tenth anniversary of Mosaic, the first Web browser to combine pictures and text in the same window. Its introduction helped turned the Internet from a geeky backwater for academics and scientists into a global mass market medium.

News source: Reuters

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