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New Add-ons for Plus! Digital Media Edition

Plus! Portable Audio Devices Power Toy

This tool lets you instantly access and manage the content on a Windows Media Player 9 Series compatible portable audio device attached to your computer. With Plus! Portable Audio Devices, you can use your computer to do the following:


View and access your portable audio device directly from the My Computer window on your computer.

Drag and drop or copy and paste song files directly from your hard drive right to your music device.

Delete individual files from the device, or reformat the device to delete all existing content.

Download: Download Plus! Portable Audio Devices Power Toy

Plus! Dancer

You've seen the amazingly lifelike, three-dimensional dancers in Plus! Dancer. Go to the page below to read about the dancers and download your favorites in small, medium, or large sizes. Now featuring five brand new dancers from the latest PC and XBOX games!

Download: Download Dancers for Plus! Dancer

News source: Techzonez

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