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New Intel compiler gives AMD Athlon64 a boost

A READER WRITES to bring our attention to latest issue of German magazine, c't. According to the magazine's own tests, a new Intel V8 compiler can give a boost to the performance of applications running on Intel platforms by between 5 and 10 per cent. The chipmaker may be miffed to learn, however, that its compiler can help boost the same apps by a similar margin on rival AMD's Athlon64 platform, when suitably tweaked.

According to our correspondent, the compiler switch -QxN produces x86 code which runs only on P4 CPUs, not on AMD CPUs. However, the boffins at c't used the -QxN to produce code, patched out the CPU type inquiry and so managed to get the code to run on the Athlon64. As a result the chip notched up a record-breaking Spec score.

According to the tests, under Windows, the P4 3200 gets a SPECint2000base value of 1286 while the Athlon64 3400+ scores 1404. Although, in SPECfp2000base, the P4 3200 scores 1257, against the Athlon64 3400+'s score of 1227.

News source: The Inq

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