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New Opterons extend AMD benchmark leadership

AMD'S INTRODUCTION TODAY of new Opteron processors for one, two, and four-way solutions was also an opportunity to release new benchmark results as well. These new processors have increased clock frequency by 200MHz (10%), and introduced PC3200 memory support.

Opteron's ability scale is apparent and it doesn't need to double its effective cache to prove its performance credentials. The benchmarks that AMD has updated are dated as of today and are currently under SPEC submission. Where newer SPEC results have been submitted, I've added those as well.

AMD has also added a new HPC benchmark section as well - at the bottom of this page. The IBM eServer 325 link shows that this server has broken yet another benchmark record by setting the fastest result ever achieved for SPECenvS2002 - 2375. The Stream results show a two-way Opteron platform giving its Itanium2 counterpart a very hard time. What's interesting to note here is that the Itanium platform was configured with three times more processor cache and memory.

AMD's eighth generation AMD64 platform has already demonstrated performance leadership in the server,workstation, cluster, and desktop environments.

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