Intel has delayed Dothan, new processors now in February

Sources at Taiwan's notebook makers have confirmed that Intel will debut three models of its next-generation Pentium M processor, codenamed Dothan, on February 4. To accelerate the transition to the new processors, Intel has decided to launch a 1.6GHz ($326) model. Originally, Intel had planned to start the Dothan processors, manufactured on a 90nm process, at 1.8GHz ($637) and later add a 1.7GHz ($455) model, the sources said.

The introduction of the relatively low-priced 1.6GHz model will help increase the proportion of Dothan processors in overall Centrino CPU sales, said the sources. Intel is striving to have over 70% of its Pentium 4 processors for desktops available on the 90nm process in the second quarter of 2004, local notebook makers quoted sources at Intel Taiwan as saying. The current yield rate of 12-inch wafers manufactured on the 90nm process is comparable, if not higher, than that of the eight-inch wafers using a 0.13-micron process, according to sources at Intel Taiwan.

Intel will also debut its Pentium M 1GHz ULV processor at a price of around US$262 per unit in the first quarter of next year. The new 1GHz ULV model is to counter Transmeta's recently released 1.1Ghz Efficeon processors, said the sources.

News source: DigiTimes

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