New survey shows most people can't do without a PC

There's no doubt that Apple's iPad tablet is a high selling product and many people have already predicted that the rise of tablets means the death of the traditional desktop or notebook PC. While that might happen someday, it seems that at the moment most people still like and want some kind of PC around. reports that in a new survey conducted by Baird Equity Research 83 percent of people said they cannot do without a PC today.

The survey, which recorded the opinions of 1,114 people, said that only 6 percent of people can do without a PC right now with another 11 percent saying they could see working without a PC in the future. Once more, 73 percent of people surveyed who have bought or will buy a tablet device said they still cannot do without a PC. The same survey also shows that the iPad remains the number one tablet with a whopping 93 percent of tablet users saying they own an iPad. 94.5 percent of people who want a tablet will buy an iPad and 98 percent of iPad owners surveyed said they would buy another iPad.

This new info seems to indicate that, at least at the moment, the PC industry isn't in danger of disappearing anytime soon. However the article points out that the tablet is still in its early stages and later versions which can do more of the duties of the PC might be considered more of a threat to the PC industry.


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