New video compression promises smaller files at DVD quality

Thanks to kowcop for the heads up

A new video compression to be released soon promises smaller file sizes and full screen DVD quality video with stereo sound, all onto a 700mb CD

Quote from site: In the past, displaying any video on a computer usually meant you had very large file sizes and a picture that took up only a small portion of the available area on the computer's display – if you tried to enlarge the video you had to sacrifice picture quality, with large "blocks" throughout the picture.

Now – evolvevideo means that your viewers will see full screen DVD quality images on the computer display monitor - just as you originally intended them to look when you produced your expensive film or video master in the edit suite.

Feature List

  • show amazing quality video presentations on your PC

  • replace your old VHS presentations to clients with a convenient and more cost effective CD-ROM

  • play trade or sales presentations and project them onto either a screen or play them through a plasma screen or television

  • easily incorporate your video program into a powerpoint presentation

  • incorporate full screen video onto CD-ROM Director presentations

  • fit more DVD quality video onto your CD-ROM business card

  • incorporate full screen video in training or educational CD-ROMs

  • combine music audio tracks with a CD-ROM component of full screen video (enhanced music CD-ROMs)

  • fit an entire movie onto one CD (700Mb) and play it full screen on your computer at DVD quality.

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