No Steam Dev Days this year; likely not in 2018, either

Valve's Steam Developer Days have been a big hit - when they happen. But after having one last year with the launch of HTC Vive and other VR devices, Valve looks to be technologically tapped out this year, and likely next year.

When asked about the possibility of a Developer Days conference this year, Valve's Tom Giardino noted on Twitter that it wasn't likely. "Definitely not in 2017 and not very likely for 2018," he said, but he then offered a bit of an olive branch for the future of such events. "What sort of things would you want to hear about at any future Valve events or talks?"

Valve launched its Developer Days in 2014 when it wanted to show off SteamOS, Steam machines, and its Steam controller. There was no event in 2015, but it returned in 2016 when Valve was making its strong virtual reality push with SteamVR.

The company has not had much in the way of technology updates this year, except for modifications to SteamVR tracking, but that obviously doesn't require its own conference. And from Giardino's comments, not much is planned next year. But that doesn't mean Valve has not been active. Steam has been going through some updates, having replaced Greenlight with Steam Direct this past Spring. It also is planning a UI refresh for the platform as well. But those are all things that developers don't need a conference for, unless you think a full explainer on how Valve and Steam are combating review bombing.

Steam recently passed 15 million concurrent users for the first time ever earlier this month.

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