Nokia CEO admits to some mistakes; chairman defends him

Nokia has not had the best month. In June, the smartphone company announced it would cut 10,000 more jobs. Owners of the Lumia 900, which launched just two months ago, also found out in June they would not get an upgrade to Windows Phone 8 but a rep for Nokia said at the time that the company was doing "more than enough" to support the current Lumia lineup.

Today, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop admitted in a new interview that perhaps the company has made some mistakes since he started at the company. The Economic Times reports that in a chat with the Finnish national daily Aamuleht, he said, "We had moments in the past year and a half when we could have done some things differently had we known that the industry was changing so rapidly."

One issue he mentions was the rapid decrease in prices for Android smartphones in China. Elop stated, "It happened so fast that Nokia's situation has now become difficult, but we keep honing our strategy."

However, Elop has at least one cheerleader behind him. Reuters reports that Nokia chairman Risto Siilasmaa, speaking to Finnish daily Helsingin Sanomat, said, "Thanks to Stephen Elop and others, we have been able to get new phones with new operating systems faster into the market than ever before."

Nokia is one of four hardware partners who will launch new smartphones with Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 later this fall.

Source: Economic Times website

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