Novell Offered Microsoft Help in Antitrust Case

It looks like Novell is trying all means to get back up as they were before. Read this during my visit to Yahoo news.

A Novell Inc. executive told a federal court on Thursday he once offered to help Microsoft Corp. fend off the government's antitrust case if Microsoft would help Novell's networking software work better with the Windows operating system.

Novell chief technology officer Carl Ledbetter, under questioning by a Microsoft attorney, said he told a Microsoft official in February 2000 that Novell would "make sure that it was well-known" to government officials that Microsoft had reformed if Microsoft would help fix Novell's interoperability problems with Windows.

"We were hopeful we could induce Microsoft to become aware that having better interoperability with us could help them with their legal problems," Ledbetter said.

Ledbetter was one of two witnesses to take the stand against Microsoft at the end of a second week of hearings into what antitrust sanctions should be imposed on the software company for illegally maintaining its Windows monopoly.

An executive from No. 1 handheld computer maker Palm Inc. told the judge Microsoft moved to share a key programming tool with Palm only after learning that Palm was participating in the antitrust case.

News source & Novell's Offer: Yahoo! News

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