Nvidia: Graphics don't matter? Ha!

In a recent Next-Gen interview, Nvidia's Roy Taylor argues that graphics are key to eliciting emotion from gamers in the same manner as movies. And to those who say "graphics don't matter," this GPU guy says "bollocks."

"They're talking bollocks. It's ridiculous to say that graphics don't matter," says Taylor, who is VP of content at 3D graphics firm Nvidia. "That's like saying, 'The quality of my TV screen doesn't matter.' Oh really? So then in that case, you can go watch 24 in black-and-white on a seven-inch screen," he laughs.

But before you call Taylor (pardon the expression) a "graphics whore," he does concede that gameplay oftentimes takes a back seat to visuals. "It is a fair criticism to say that sometimes graphics have been applied, not at the expense of gameplay, but without equal consideration to it," he says.

In particular, Taylor says that graphics will bring more emotion into games, arguing that gamers seldom become as emotionally attached to in-game characters as they would to characters in a movie.

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