Office 2007: Don't Wait for Vista

January's simultaneous operating system and productivity suite releases should have been cause for simultaneous customer upgrades. But there are plenty of reasons for enterprises to deploy separately—and Office 2007 much sooner than Vista. Conceptually, Office and Windows are conjoined products. Many businesses wouldn't have one without the other. Not since 1995 versions simultaneously shipped has Microsoft given enterprises so much reason to consider both together.

Rather than sizzling, however, sales synergy is drizzling. Analysts' early estimates indicate brisker business uptake of Office 2007, with many enterprises planning to wait until perhaps next year to seriously begin Vista deployments. "Although Microsoft made a big deal about Vista and Office shipping together, there's really very little synergy between the products," said Paul DeGroot, lead desktop strategies analyst for Directions on Microsoft. "Vista was still shape-shifting toward the end of the Office dev cycle, so the Office team couldn't do much integration with it."

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