Only two minor updates for Microsoft's next Patch Tuesday

As they do every month, Microsoft has plans to release new patches for software products in what has come to be known in the industry as "Patch Tuesday." The latest update will come on September 11th but this time, there are only a couple of minor patches planned.

Microsoft's website labels the two updates as "Important" but not "Critical". One of the patches will be for Microsoft Developer Tools and the other is for Microsoft Server Software. As usual, the specific details about what these updates contain won't be revealed until the patches themselves are available for download in order to not give hacker groups an advanced heads-up.  However, neither one of the patches will require a restart of Windows.

This summer has been pretty busy for Microsoft in terms of plugging up some software issues. In June, the company released patches that fixed 27 vulnerabilities in various software products, including a number of critical issues. In July, Microsoft issued a big software update that fixed nine problems, three of which were considered to be critical.

The latest update was released in August, where nine more software issues were fixed, five of which were labeled as critical.

Source: Microsoft September Security Bulletin

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