Panasonic rolling out WirelessHD in Japan

AV Watch is reporting that Panasonic has announced its first WirelessHD capable TV range, to be released on April 20th.

The televisions in question (three of them) are full 1080p HD, 40000:1 contrast, plasma, and come in at one inch thick.

Pricing comes in at about $6,156 for the cheapest 46-inch model, about $6,715 for the 50-inch model and a hefty $7,835 for the 54-inch version. WirelessHD removes the need for any cables to the TV (besides the power of course -- that technology is yet to come) without any compromise of quality. In addition to this, walking in front of the wireless transfer device doesn't cause any problems either, and easily switches between sources automatically.

WirelessHD aside, the new TVs have half the power consumption than Panasonic's previous models of large widescreen HDTVs, and comes with full YouTube support, and a 2.4GHz remote.

This is a very nice looking TV, but in order for anyone that isn't in Japan to get one, importing is the only choice.

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