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PicoZip 2.5 has been released

PicoZip is an award winning file compression utility for Microsoft Windows users. Its intuitive user interface is extremely easy to use, while its wide ranging support for most file compression formats and comprehensive feature set makes PicoZip the only archive utility you will ever need.

PicoZip is compatible with Zip files created by WinZip, PKZip and others.

  • Added integration with PicoZip Recovery Tool, our free Zip password recovery utility. If you have PicoZip Recovery Tool installed, PicoZip will automatically add "Recover ZIP Password" command to the "Tools" menu.

  • Added a "Open in Windows Explorer after extracting" option in "Extract" dialog box. If selected, PicoZip will automatically open the target folder in a Windows Explorer window after extracting it.

  • Added "Restore folders" and "Confirm file overwrites" option to the Batch Extract feature.

  • Added configuration setting in Folder tab to use default system folder when opening archives.

  • Added configuration setting in Folder tab to use the same folder as currently open archive when adding files.

  • The column and order of sorting is now automatically saved and these same settings are used the next time you open PicoZip. If you prefer the old method where sorting is always reset to the first column, you can set the "Always reset sorting to first column" option under the "View" tab in the Configuration screen.

  • Added configuration setting in "Shell Extensions" tab to allow you to set the default compression level you want to use for shell extensions commands.

  • When dragging-and-dropping files onto an empty PicoZip window, the "Add Options" dialog box will default to the same folder as the files that were dropped.

  • Deleting files in an archive will no longer refresh the entire file list causing the current position in the list to be lost. This speeds up the delete operation and you do not need to manually scroll back to the position in the list where you deleted file(s).

  • Modified the Batch Extract feature to use the "Extract Folder" settings (that you configure in Options -> Configuration) by default.

  • Modified the "Virus Scan" command so that it displays the Configuration screen automatically if you choose this command without configuring a virus scanner first.

  • Removed the "Light" compression level from the "Edit Backup Set".

  • Extracting a tar.gz archive will now extract the nested tar file properly, restoring its stored folders.

  • Fixed issue with the "Add Files" dialog in Batch features to overcome a Windows limitation so that you can now add as many files as you in a single add operation.

  • Fixed the Edit Backup Set dialog box problem where the dialog box is partly truncated when displayed on some computers with certain display settings.

  • Removed the "Freshen existing files" option in the Add dialog when creating a new file.

  • Fixed the bug in the built-in explorer, where under certain conditions, may display system folders in addition to archive files.
News source: PicoZip website

Download: PicoZip 2.5

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