PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone will release February 22, 2019

The upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive post-apocalyptic action game, Days Gone, finally has a release date, with the game set to launch on February 22, 2019. The announcement arrives as part of Sony's new pre-E3 reveal schedule, which unveiled Tetris Effect for PSVR yesterday.

Previous footage of Days Gone had us being introduced to the massive hordes of zombie-like creatures named Freakers that roam the lands, but the new trailer gives us a glimpse at the human characters that players will be meeting, which includes the hostile "Rest In Peace (RIP)" faction that, for some reason, worship the Freakers. Since members of RIP do not harm the zombies they worship, leading hordes into their camps is apparently a great strategy.

We also see animals like wolves and ravens that appear to be infected by whatever that turned the humans into Freakers, piling onto the number of enemies that players will have to deal with on their journey.

With a release date set, we can expect to see more footage and information on the game during E3 in a few days at Sony's presentation, which is slated to start on June 11 at 6pm PT.

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