Poll: Are you going to install the new Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones?

The new Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones is coming today (at 1000 PT / 1300 EDT / 1700 GMT), and unlike the first - and so far, the only - build that Microsoft released, the latest build will be available to almost the entire Windows Phone 8.x Lumia range.

However, two handsets that won't be supported in this new preview are the Lumia 930 and Lumia Icon. Microsoft erroneously stated that the Icon would be able to install this build, but it later backtracked, explaining that a UI scaling issue with the devices has not yet been resolved, and the company will need more time to fix it.

Unfortunately, it seems that the new build won't support any non-Lumia Windows Phones either. Microsoft said a couple of weeks back that it was "working on" bringing preview builds to these devices - but given that the Lumia range now represents over 90% of Windows Phone sales, it's unlikely to be a high priority for the company.

Even so, given that the first preview was limited to just six Lumia handsets, the much wider availability of the new build will no doubt be welcomed by many users who have been eager to test drive the next-gen OS on their handsets.

Are you planning to install the new Windows 10 preview on your phone? Or would you prefer to sit tight and wait for the final version that's coming later this year? Or are you stuck with a device that doesn't support the preview, even though you'd like to install it?

Cast your vote in our poll, and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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