Quintessential Player Beta Build 75

QCD is all about the music. It aches to play great songs and visually entertain. If a feature wasn't about the music or enjoyment, we didn't add it. QCD is all about you. With its freeform skinning and plentiful choices of plugins QCD can be as simple or feature rich as you like. It knows its place and won't try to take over your system. QCD is as user friendly as we can make it, but still hardcore enough for the pros.

Change Log:

  • fixed timer plugin 'shutdown pc' on winnt system

  • fixed 'remove duplicates' bug

  • fixed video control panel not showing non-latin chars

  • fixed crash in DiskWriter for very long filenames

  • fixed DSound and Waveout plugins potential deadlock

  • fixed a number of internal bugs

  • updated skin layouts to open/close external windows

  • updated to load proxy settings from last release version

  • updated internal optimizations

  • added file type selection to 'load folder' dialog

  • added op - opMBtoUCS2, opUCS2toMB

Download: Quintessential Player Beta Build 75

News source: Quinnware

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