Razer to announce new product at PAX Prime

Razer has been both releasing and announcing new products at a pretty quick pace in 2011, but the PC gaming peripheral company apparently isn't done yet. A quick look at the schedule of events at PAX Prime, to be held later this month in Seattle, shows that on Saturday, August 27 at 11:30 am the company will be premiering a brand new product.

The event, titled, "PC Gaming is (Not) Dead", will feature Razer's CEO Min-Liang Tan. The event's description says it will center around "a live presentation of Razer's new, groundbreaking project for PC Gamers worldwide." It adds that it will be "the hottest thing to redefine the industry." It also compared the announcement to Razer's reveal of the Switchblade console, a portable PC designed with a seven inch screen and a keyboard that changes icons depending on which game is running on the device.

In related news, Razer announced earlier this week that it will open up a new design studio in Taiwan. The studio will have 20 team members but is scheduled to expand to 100 workers by 2012. Razer already has design studios in San Francisco and in Singapore. It also launched a technology research center in Austin earlier in 2011.

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