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Rumour: Treyarch's next project accidentally leaked?

Fans of Call of Duty may have been leaked their first piece of information about the next installment. Following Modern Warfare 3, rumours suggest that the next game could be called Iron Wolf. A friend of a Treyarch employee spotted the game being played on their Xbox Live account, and posted pictures online as evidence. "Iron Wolf" was being played in Team Deathmatch mode, according to the screenshots.

PS3Life, the site which reported the leak, are almost certain that the game is the next in the Call of Duty series. The idea fits in with the tick-tock approach the series has taken so far, as the next game to be released will be Modern Warfare 3. Recently, the series has alternated yearly between Modern Warfare and the main series. Infinity Ward lead development of the Modern Warfare series, while Treyarch typically lead development of the main series.

The biggest problem with this story is that at this stage in development it wouldn't make sense for the game to be showing up on the retail Xbox Live service. Xbox Development Kits, which are used by developers to run unfinished games, instead use a separate service known as PartnerNet. PartnerNet and Xbox Live don't overlap, so for example a PartnerNet account couldn't "make friends" with an Xbox Live account. To play an unfinished copy of "Iron Wolf" on Xbox Live, it would have needed to been finished, signed and checked by Microsoft, then inserted into a retail Xbox 360. However, it's entirely possible that the two are friends over PartnerNet, and with Treyarch sure to be planning the next instalment, the possibility still remains that Iron Wolf could be next in the series.

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