Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 Fall Content Preview

The latest Free Booster Pack for Tripwire Interactive's RO Ostfront contains a number of new features included a new map and two new vehicles. Tripwire previously hinted that the new map would be a remake of from the original mod and we can now reveal that map is Danzig. This was justifiably a huge favorite in the mod days, providing intense, close-quarters infantry combat in the battered city of Danzig at the end of the war. Not just a straight port, Danzig has been rebuilt from the ground up with improved gameplay and greatly enhanced visuals. Take a look at the pictures: this will be the most graphically detailed map to date!

The first new vehicle is the Panzer IV H - a vehicle much requested by the community. This gives the Germans the most effective version of their medium tank for the war. Upgunned and uparmored, this Panzer IV is better equipped to slug it out with the T-34s it will meet on the battlefield. It also comes equipped with schürzen - additional side armor plates to deflect panzerfaust and anti-tank rifle rounds.

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