Report: Sprint users dealing with Google Voice issues

It sounded like a good idea at the time to give Sprint mobile phone users access to the Google Voice service but it appears that the reality is a bit different. Engadget reports that many customers have discovered numerous issues with using Google Voice on Sprint phones including big user fees when calling overseas for some customers.

Engadget's extensive article goes deep into the many issues with this service including word that many Sprint customers can't even activate the Google Voice services on their phones. Sprint has confirmed that "Nextel phones, PowerSource phones, along with any phone on a corporate or prepaid account are ineligible for integration" .Some other users have reported that their Google Voice services can become deactivated "which sends their Google Voice accounts into the electronic equivalent of purgatory." Some Sprint reps who are still unfamiliar with the Google Voice features have removed access to Google Voice for some users if a Sprint customer makes a change in his or her account.

Also sometimes Sprint users who try to make international calls via Google Voice (which has much lower international rates than Sprint) are not transferred to the Google Voice service and as a result those users can get hit with much higher international rates. Finally, if people have questions or problems with Google Voice and contact Sprint, they are directed to the Google Voice forums which don't seem to have much in the way of Google team members answering questions. Engadget's final verdict is pretty basic; if you have a Sprint phone, don't bother with the Google Voice features.

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