Resident Evil review.

Cube-Europe reviews Resident Evil for the Nintendo Gamecube (score 9.1/10)

Here are some bits from the review:

Very moody music plays throughout the game that keeps the scary spookiness of the game going even when nothing is happening. You can hear footsteps, and some aren't yours. The music picks up when encountered with an enemy and slows down again when you blast him to bits. This game comes with enough scary music and sound effects to keep you up at night, and it even features a great piece of classical music that complements the game well.

Gameplay is all great games strive in, and RE is not absent in this department. From shooting zombies to playing the piano, this game has it all. Well, maybe you can't drive a car, or rob a bank, but this game has what it needs, and more to keep you hooked and on the edge of your seat. Surprises creep around every corner, and the storylines continues to its surprising climax.

This game is definitely a gem, and a big one at that. It lives up to my expectations, and goes beyond it. It delivers a great game with outstanding Gameplay and truly amazing graphics. Not only that, but it is scary. It is almost like playing a horror movie. The only thing that suffers is the controls, the voice acting and a little bit on the replay value. There are things to unlock, but it requires playing the game over, and it is basically always the same. All in all, this is a great game, and should be at least rented for all Gamecube owners. You won't be disappointed.

News source: GameCube Europe

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