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Revamped Mobile Pentium 4 Will Not Get Security Capabilities

The new Mobile Pentium 4 chips that are expected to arrive this fall might just let you down. It now appears that Intel has no plans to add its XD technology to these chips. Intel will be including this technology in its desktop processors as planned.

Intel Corp. released a white-paper that indicates the company's plans to transit its Mobile Pentium 4 processors to a new core stepping. The new chips will emerge this Fall, but unlike the desktop brethren will not contain any enhancements in terms of functionality, primarily the so-called XD technology.

Faster Mobile Pentium 4 Chips Enroute

Intel said the transition from D-0 to E-0 revision of the Mobile Intel Pentium 4 core will bring certain optimizations that are likely to enable further speed enhancements. While no significant changes are expected, the central processing units will change CPU signature and S-Spec code and will require updated BIOS.

The recently announced Mobile Intel Pentium 4 Processors are designed for larger-sized notebook PCs, also known as "desktop replacements", typically featuring large screens, full-size keyboards and multiple drives. Mobile Intel Pentium 4 processors 538, 532, and 518 are based on the Prescott architecture and feature 1MB L2 cache, SSE3 technology and the HyperThreading. The chips brought no clock-speed increases over predecessors, even though they are made using thinner 90nm process technology compared to predecessors, and are available in 3.20GHz (538), 3.06GHz (532) and 2.80GHz (518) speed-bins.

News source: X-bit labs

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