Rumor: Steve Jobs scheduled for surgery on Monday

Valleywag has reported that Apple CEO Steve Jobs scheduled for a surgery at Stanford Hospital on Monday. No further details are known about the type of medical procedure Jobs was supposed to undergo and there is no comment from Apple's side to Valleywag's enquiries.

Jobs is currently on a 6 months medical leave from Apple, but he remains the company's CEO and would remain involved in major strategic decisions of Apple. The company is being run by Apple COO Tim Cook. Jobs admitted to poor health in a letter to Apple employees recently.

Jobs first learned of his pancreatic cancer in 2003, but did not disclose it publicly until July 2004, when he announced his decision to undergo surgery. Later when Jobs announced his medical leave on the Jan 14th, investors were hard pressed to think of anything else other than the re-occurence of a cancer that would require a 6 months leave of absence. Jobs was said to be considering a liver transplant as a result of complications after treatment for pancreatic cancer in 2004.

The Securities and Exchange Commission is reportedly looking into a possible connection between Job's health and Apple's stock. If such a connection is proven, Apple could face lawsuits for misleading the investors about Steve Jobs' medical status after his 2004 cancer treatment. Given the fact that law is still not clear about disclosure of personal health information, Apple may get a lucky escape unless there is a decline in revenue caused by suppressing Job's health news.

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