Samsung compares the battery life of recent flagships with the Galaxy S7 in a new video

Samsung has released a video showing off the battery longevity of the Galaxy S7 compared to other flagships that are currently available in the market with similar specifications.

The devices featured in the comparison include the Huawei P9, Apple iPhone 6s, HTC 10, Sony Xperia X and the LG G5. In addition to these, Samsung also added the S7 edge to the comparison as well. According to the video, the G5 was the first device to die out, followed sequentially by the P9, the Xperia X, the HTC 10 and then the iPhone 6s.

The Galaxy S7 edge and the S7 lasted for over 10 hours. It is kind of strange that none of the other smartphones got to nine hours. Another interesting outcome of the battery test was that the S7 outlasted the S7 edge even though the battery capacity on the latter is much more. This could be in part due to the smaller screen on the S7, but other than that it still seems a bit peculiar.

Samsung has also released a video explaining the battery test but it still feels that the test has a bit of bias to it. Do leave a comment if you have used these devices in the real world and disagree with the video.

Via: Android Authority

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