Samsung drops a new teaser video for Galaxy S5 ahead of Monday's reveal

Samsung is about to drop the official news about the Galaxy S5 smartphone in a few days, but today the company is teasing the world with a quick new video to prepare everyone for the announcement, which is expected to be made on Monday.

The video itself is one of those montage clips with images of people doing, well, stuff that doesn't show anyone using a smartphone in any way. The images have words in the foreground like "speed", "alive", "wet" and more, and all of them have the number "5" placed next to them.

In other words, it's a teaser that tries to set a mood, rather than say anything about the Galaxy S5 itself. Thankfully, the Internet rumor machine has been doing a lot of work on that front already. Some reports claim that the S5 will have a fingerprint sensor, while others have leaked images of a flatter user interface; the S5 could have a 5-inch screen with a resolution of 2560x1440.

All of the rumors and speculation should be put to bed on Monday when Samsung holds its Unpacked press event at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona; the Galaxy S5 could go on sale by the end of February.

Source: Samsung on YouTube

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