Save big with our Top Neowin Deals of the Month Roundup

It's time for a roundup of some of the biggest discounts that were recently featured in our Neowin Deals promos. Every product on this list is currently discounted at least 40% in our store, with some even going up as far as 94%. Enjoy the savings provided by these limited-time offers.

Save 94% off the 'Complete 2015 Learn to Code' Bundle

Code your way to a higher paycheck with this bundle that offers 8 Courses and 74+ hours of training for 94% Off! This 'Complete 2015 Learn to Code' Bundle normally costs $1036 when purchased separately, but can now be picked up for just $59 on the Neowin Deals store.

Save 88% with a Lifetime subscription to Dripbit Online Backup

Don’t let a simple mistake or computer crash destroy your most precious files forever. With Dripbit, your files will be stored safely in the cloud with the protection of top-notch firewalls and encryption. Access the files you need anytime with any web browser (or app) and even stream music and movies straight from the cloud to save space on your computer. Best of all, this deal gives you lifetime access, so you’ll never have to look for a backup solution again. Pick it up in our Neowin Deals store.

Save 82% off a lifetime subscription to Theme Junkie WordPress Themes

More than 17% of the web is run on the WordPress framework; make sure your site doesn’t look like everything else out there. Theme Junkie’s premium collection has all the features you want and need: SEO optimization, beautiful designs, efficient coding— and all with a lifetime of support and new themes added regularly. That’s a ton of value at an unbeatable price. You can pick up this deal in our Neowin Deals Store right here.

Save 40% with the ZeroLemon SolarJuice 10000mAh Battery pack

The SolarJuice battery pack can power up your gadgets in the most unexpected places, and it's extremely compact. SolarJuice charges up at home like your average battery pack, but also lets you add extra juice on-the-go using its built-in solar panel—so you’ll never be left unplugged from the digital world. You can pick up the SolarJuice with 40% off right here.

Save 85% off this Cyber Security Developer Course Bundle

Steer clear of online miscreants with 60 hours of hacking & secure development training. This Cyber Security Developer Course Bundle normally costs $434 when purchased separately, but can now be picked up for just $49 on the Neowin Deals store.

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