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Scammers capitalise on Windows 10's popularity in latest ploy

Microsoft's Windows 10 is proving to be incredibly popular, and users all over the world are downloading it in hordes. In order to meet the incredible level of demand, however, Microsoft is staggering the update and may not push the update to some users for weeks.

Capitalising on this update fervor, some scammers are now sending users an email about the free upgrade to Windows 10 which, in fact, is an attempt at locking you out of your data - pending a ransom amount, of course. The email looks like it has been sent from update@microsoft.com and goes over the new OS, finally ending with an exhortation for users to upgrade now. That's where the problem comes in.

The email has a Win10Installer.zip file attached to it. This file is, in fact, masking CTB-Locker, an example of ransomware. Running the file results in the above prompt and will encrypt all your files and lock you out of your data. You'll need to pay the scammers if you want to have any chance of retrieving it - there's also a 96 hour clock attached to the 'offer'.

The email was discovered by Cisco and we suggest that you be wary of any emails asking you to upgrade to Windows 10. As Microsoft continues to propagate the update, you'll receive a notification on the Windows 10 upgrade app found on the taskbar so don't let your excitement for Windows 10 cloud your judgement.

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