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Setting up to cover CES in detail

The Neowin news team is at CES. In addition, myself, Alexandra, and Kristen have also arrived to help cover the show and keep the Neowin news staff from getting too sober during the trip!

Here are some of the things we're looking to find more out:

    This year's show is expected to be particularly interesting. Here are some of the things I'm going to look for:

    The High-Def wars, phase 2. Blu-ray has beaten HD-DVD but is that the end of the story? Is streaming the future of high-def media consumption?

    Windows 7 is coming out. What sorts of cool new tech is Microsoft and its partners have in store for us?
    What sorts of cool new portable devices are scheduled to come out?

    Are cars going to get anything better from a tech point of view? BMW's iDrive is terrible. Microsoft's collaboration with Ford has been pretty cool, what's the next step?

    What sorts of green tech are coming out this year? I'm sure I'm not the only techie interested in seeing if there are cheap and easy ways to reduce energy consumption.

    What's the next phase of life for PCs. Are Netbooks and smart phones the future with PCs being used for increasingly niche applications or are the PC makers going to roar back with new sources of relevance?

    Where is printer technology going? Are we still stuck with crappy injkets or are there better solutions on the horizon?

    How is mobile tech coming along? How close are we to Internet everywhere?

Stay tuned! To see more live blogging to go:

View: www.impulsedriven.com/ces2009

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