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Siri does not support Spanish, can't order you a margarita

If your native language is Spanish and you were wanting to get in on some Siri action when the iPhone 4S goes on sale, you may have to wait a little bit longer. First reports from the Siri application have been generally positive but it is now understood that the application will not work in Spanish, at least, not yet.

Fox News Latino is reporting that while the application will support English that is optimized for the US, UK and Australia, and will also support French and German, Spanish is currently not being offered. One possible reason why Spanish has not been implemented yet is because of the language's complexity. Fox News Latino states:

Spanish is a fairly difficult language to interpret for natural voice recognition since there are many variations which sound completely different to a voice recognition software.

While this could be the case, it could also have been Apple's decision to focus on perfecting a small subset of languages before expanding its offerings. Also, the application is currently in beta and could possibly support Spanish upon release.

While this lack of support may not affect many, if you were planning on using Siri in Spanish, you may have to think again.


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