Skype: Windows video messaging coming by late April

Earlier today, Skype launched its beta video messaging service for iOS, Android and Mac platforms. Missing among those versions was any word on being able to send video messages on Skype for Windows-based platform, which struck us as odd since Skype is owned by Microsoft.

Today, a Skype spokesperson sent Neowin a note that attempts to show that Skype will not forget Windows users:

Video Messaging is in early release for testing in several markets for Android, iOS, and Mac with functionality to send and receive video messages. Users in these markets across all Windows desktop and mobile platforms can receive messages, too. We will have send capability in Windows by end of April. In the meantime, we continue to test this new feature in its early release.

Even with this statement, it still seems odd that this feature would launch on a number of platforms that are rivals to Microsoft's Windows operating systems first, even if it is in a beta state. The statement also doesn't make clear if by "Windows" Skype will add video messaging support for Windows 7, 8 and RT or if that also includes support for Windows Phone 8 as well. We have contacted the Skype spokesperson for more clarification.

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