Snapchat is adjusting its design following user backlash

Late last year, Snap Inc. announced a major redesign for its Snapchat app, merging Stories and direct interactions with friends into one page, and public content from creators and businesses in another. The move wasn't all too popular with its user base and even some celebrities spoke out publicly against the reworked look, seemingly leading to some big losses for the company.

Now, Snapchat is trying to make amends and it has released a new update for its app which brings it closer to the previous look and feel. In fact, the new design seems to undo most of the major changes made in the previous redesign.

For starters, instead of trying to predict what's more relevant to the user, the app will display Snaps and Stories from friends in chronological order again. On top of that, Stories are now moved back to the right-hand side of the app, leaving the left side reserved for private Snaps.

The right-side page of the app will also contain stories from content creators and businesses, but Stories from friends will be at the top of the page, in a separate section, which should make the experience easy to understand for users.

Snap Inc. has also recently updated its Spectacles with significant improvements and it seems the company is focused on improving the Snapchat user experience on the whole.

Source: The Verge via TechSpot | Image credit: The Verge

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