Sony files patent for the "Playstation Pump" game controller

We have seen our fair share of wild looking PC and console game controllers. However, none of them look or operate as oddly as the one that Sony is trying to patent. The game controller, which is actually an add-on for the company's Playstation Move motion sensing device, was recently made public (via Playstation Lifestyle).

As you can see, the controller has the Playstation Move placed in the center of a circle. The device has two handles, one of each side of the circle, with the traditional game controller buttons and triggers on top. It looks like a cross between a steering wheel and some kind of exercise machine that you might see in a late night infomercial sold by Chuck Norris.

As it turns out, that's not too far from the truth as Sony's patent also shows that the two handles can be moved up and down by the controller's user. We do have to wonder who designed this device. If we ever found out, we would ask him or her if they had any particular game in mind that would support a pump action feature like the one in the diagram.

It's unlikely that this controller will ever come to market but if it does, we hope Sony calls it the "Playstation Pump". There's a lot that can be done with that label in terms of marketing.

Images via Sony

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