Sony frees music for file-sharers

The first net service provider aimed at people who want to share music legally has struck a significant deal with global music giant Sony BMG. Playlouder MSP, launching at the end of September, will let its customers share Sony licensed music with others on its network. In return, Playlouder will pool some of its broadband subscriptions to share with music rights owners.

The deal is seen as a groundbreaking move to use file-sharing legally. "Ensuring record companies are adequately and reliably recompensed for the use of their copyrights on the internet is the number one issue for our business," said BPI - the UK recording industry body - chairman Peter Jamieson.

The music based provider will offer its 1Mbps broadband package for £26.99 and says the network has been designed specifically for file downloading.

News source: Full article @ BBC News

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