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Spam Influx Reaches New Heights

Spam--unsolicited, usually dubious commercial e-mail messages--accounted for 82 percent of all the inbound e-mail processed during August, and made up 90 percent of all mail sent during one spam-filled day last month, according to e-mail security firm FrontBridge Technologies. The company says the latest flood of spam was spurred by back-to-school specials and political pitches.

According to FrontBridge, it blocked 2.5 billion spam messages in August, of 3.1 billion messages processed during that month. The e-mail storm reached a peak on August 30, when 90 percent of all the messages processed by FrontBridge were spam. FrontBridge, which offers e-mail management and security services for companies, compiled its data from more than 2200 global customers and 15,000 e-mail domains.

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News source: PCWorld

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