Spampal v1.27 beta

SpamPal sits between your email program and your mailbox, checking your email as you retrieve it. Any email messages that SpamPal considers to be spam will be "tagged" with a special header; you simply configure your email client to filter anything with this header into a separate folder and your spam won't be mixed up with the rest of your email anymore!

    Recent Changes - 1.27 28th May 2003 (Beta Release)

    Can now protect IMAP4 mailboxes!

    Can now protect SMTP connections, and also auto-whitelist people to whom you send email.

    Should now be slightly less spam slipping through due to DNSBL time-outs.

    Was still hanging when it encountered a message without a body; fixed again.

    Status window now remembers its size and layout correctly.

    Some DNSBL services weren't working because SpamPal could handle result codes that contained octets greater than 127; fixed.

    Fixed incorrect "you have used a later, incompatible version of SpamPal" message.

    Cancel button on port properties dialog should now work.

    Incorporates correct error number into "unable to connect to server" POP3 response.

    Should now recreate tray icon if Explorer crashes.

    Should be better at managing memory in Windows NT, 2000 and XP.

    Plugin API enhancements.

Download: SpamPal 1.27 beta

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