Sprint offers the iPhone 6s for $1 a month with a limited time trade-in deal

iPhone customers considering an upgrade to the recently unveiled iPhone 6s or 6s Plus models should check out Sprint's limited time trade in deal - set for launch with the release of both Apple handsets this Friday. The wireless service provider is providing the offer for current iPhone 6 customers: pay $1 a month for an iPhone 6S or $5 a month for an iPhone 6s Plus.

Sprint is also offering trade in deals to iPhone 5s owners, with slightly less competitive pricing plans: $10 a month for the iPhone 6s (16GB) and $14 a month for the iPhone 6s Plus (16GB).

The handset comes in form of Sprint's "iPhone for Life" service, where customers are effectively leasing the phone for a certain time period, in this case a year. It is apparent Sprint is competing with the official iPhone Upgrade Program, which promises customers a new iPhone annually with included AppleCare+.

Typical payment plans sit around the $20 a month mark for the 16GB iPhone 6s, so this offer is certainly attractive. For those users seeking higher memory editions, other deals are available too:

  • iPhone 6s 64GB: $5.77 / month

  • iPhone 6s 128GB: $10.53 / month

  • iPhone 6s Plus 64GB: $9.77 / month

  • iPhone 6s Plus 128GB: $14.53 / month

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are available for preorder from the Apple website, but with competitive deals from Sprint and others, we may well see users opting for monthly plans accordingly.

Source: Sprint via Mashable | Image via Apple

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