Starlink speeds might soon surpass broadband's in the U.S. too

Popular internet performance test developer Ookla published a recent report where it conducted speed tests for Starlink and compared it with other global satellite internet providers like Viasat and HughesNet. Comparisons were also drawn with broadband.

The study has found that Starlink is fast approaching 100Mbps downloads in the U.S. and is only about ~13% behind broadband. Latency however remains more than three times higher, at 45ms, for the former.

Starlink speed comparison in US Q2 2021

Further analysis for the data has also been provided where improvements between Q1 and Q2 have been noted. It is seen that Starlink has experienced a massive boost in its bandwidth between March and May of this year. The download speed was hovering around the 70 mark before that but sits presently at 97.23Mbps. Broadband on the other hand has seen almost negligible improvement.

Starlink speed improvement comparison Q1-Q2 2021 in US

While things could certainly change in the future, Starlink may be able to surpass broadband speeds if enormous improvements like that seen between Q1 and Q2 become the norm. In fact, U.S.' neighbouring nation Canada is already experiencing this.

Currently, the download speeds for Starlink are higher there than that of broadband. Upload bandwidth however still isn't there yet. And the latency remains extremely high at close to five times.

Starlink speed comparison in Canada Q2 2021

Now moving to Europe for a bit, Starlink has been doing very well here especially in countries like Germany. The downloads on Starlink is nearly double that of the broadband and the upload is also much higher. Latency too is much closer than most places elsewhere.

Starlink speed comparison in Germany Q2 2021

The German government has been doing a lot to promote satellite internet connectivity in the place. And during the recent floods, the Ahrweiler district in Germany deployed several Starlink dishes so as to make the connectivity easier during that time.

You can find more details in the official report here.

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