Steam now has publisher and developer homepages to show off gaming catalogs

Just last week, Valve introduced a completely overhauled chat experience for Steam in beta form, and now it has set its sights on launching a brand new feature for the store altogether: developer and publisher homepages, which are essentially customizable profiles for companies to show off their gaming catalogs.

These newly released homepages can be accessed by clicking on a developer or publisher name on a game's store page, or by heading to the feature's new landing page, which lists all the companies that have already joined the new platform.

Since these homepages are handled by the developers and publishers themselves, they are the ones in charge of how the page presents itself. Companies can focus on giving attention to their new and upcoming releases, dedicate the page for a single game, and even make lists for dividing things up by franchise or genre, among other approaches available.

Moreover, users are now able to follow these pages so that whenever a company they track announces or releases a new game, they will be notified of this via Steam itself and email.

The feature is still in beta form and was just rolled out, so not every creator will have dedicated pages set up and running just yet, but transitions should start happening quite quickly. Also, with the Steam Summer Sale slated to kick off later this week, the homepages should be very useful for players to find out what other games that a developer or publisher they like has in store.

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