Surface Dock: The peripheral we have all been waiting for

Over the past few days, Neowin has been able to bring you new details about Microsoft’s Surface Pro 2 and the new Power Cover that will extend the battery life of the device. If you are wondering if Microsoft’s is going to be introducing any other peripherals for the Surface Pro 2, then we have some good news for you.

Neowin has learned that Microsoft is building a dock for the Surface Pro 2. The dock, as you can imagine, was heavily requested feature as it makes attaching a keyboard and mouse much easier (via USB, 3 in total on the dock); in addition, you will be able to attach an external display to the dock as well.

While the dock may not be as useful to some as say, the Power Cover, it will allow the Surface Pro to be a more complete desktop replacement.

As with the other leaks, we don’t have a price or a firm release date yet for the dock but it would make sense that it would arrive around the time of the launch of the updated devices.

Also, the Surface Dock (which may not be the final name) will work with the existing Pro, much like the Power Cover, as the current Pro does have the pins needed to support the device. Not to mention, the Pro 2 and the current Pro, are nearly identical in terms of the chasis and the team had hinted about creating this product a few months back.

We are still digging around on more information about the Surface RT 2 (or what will likely just be called the Surface) and will provide that information as soon as we can get confirmation on our information.

Per his usual, Paul Thurrott has nabbed a few more details which you can read about here.

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