Microsoft reveals more info on Xbox SmartGlass apps for Xbox One

Microsoft has already announced that the upcoming Xbox One game console will also link to new Xbox SmartGlass apps for various mobile platforms. Today, the company revealed more information on how those apps will add to the Xbox One game and entertainment experience.

Microsoft's Xbox Wire website has an in-house interview with Xbox Live General Manager Ron Pessner, who stated that the Xbox SmartGlass apps made specifically for the Xbox One will launch later this year for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, iOS and Android platforms. Because the Xbox One was designed from the ground up with Xbox SmartGlass in mind, Pessner claims that the connection speed from the app to the local console will be over three times as fast compared to the Xbox 360.

While many Xbox One games such as Dead Rising 3 will add new gameplay features via Xbox SmartGlass, Microsoft is also working with game developers to put in help files that can be accessed from the app. Pessner says, "This is done by game creators making a help manual that we then host in SmartGlass. During gameplay, SmartGlass follows your progress and knows exactly where you’re at and where you’re having trouble, so that when you hit the Help button you’ll be given the tips you need."

Users can access Xbox SmartGlass apps while they are away from the Xbox One console to check on their friends, send and receive messages and more. The app can also serve as a remote control when watching TV with the console, with the ability to change channels and even control the TV's volume.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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