Surface Pro 2 quietly disappears from the Microsoft store

When the Surface Pro 3 was announced, many assumed that the Surface Pro 2 would eventually hit the dirt path and fade into the sunset; and that's what appears to be happening as the Pro 2 is no longer available from the online Microsoft store.

If you go to, you will still see that the Pro 2 content is still showing up, but if you click that 'buy' link, you will see that it takes you to a dead end. Not even an 'out of stock' or another holding page, it's a dead link.

After poking around a bit and using the sales chat function, the representative said that the Surface Pro 2 is no longer for sale on the site and that's about all there is to say.

Surface Pro 2 is gone from the header

It makes sense too as the tablet is aging and had not received a significant update since its launch. Yes we know it got a small processor spec bump, but for the most part it's the exact same device that was announced over a year ago

If you still had your eyes on a Pro 2, it's best to start looking around now as the device will be in limited quantities if you are able to find any on retails shelves. Although, it does look like Best Buy does still have some in stock.

Thanks for the tip @rodtrent!

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