TechSpot: The iPhone 6 Is DOA and the iPhone 6 Plus is the killer

I don’t even know why Apple bothered with the iPhone 6, because it will go the way of the iPhone 5C: a niche product; a consolation prize; the budget choice for Apple loyalists; something you get begrudgingly and regret later. One estimate is that the iPhone 5S sold 3x better than the 5c.

I expect a similar share between the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus. Ok, so it’s not dead on arrival, but it will be the ugly step-sister to Cinderella. Except for personal preference over size and price, the iPhone 6 Plus is categorically the superior phone.

A Superior Display: Guess what a 720p Android phone would be called in today’s market?

Mid-tier, like the Moto G, priced $180 off-contract. Last year’s Moto X was widely heralded but its 720p display was a major handicap when flagship competitors had 1080p.

Read: The iPhone 6 Is DOA and the iPhone 6 Plus Is the Killer

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