TechSpot: Windows 7 is Here - What You Need To Know

The much anticipated release of Windows 7 is finally upon us. This Thursday, October 22, Microsoft's latest operating system arrives on the scene looking to win over skeptics disappointed with the much-hyped but often criticized Windows Vista. Whereas its predecessor got off to a rough start with plentiful compatibility issues and incessant "allow or deny" prompts annoying users, Windows 7 represents a major leap forward and has generally been regarded as a snappier and more polished operating system.

We've been playing with it ever since the beta became available, and can honestly say that much of the hype is justified. Although Windows 7 is still very much the same as Vista at its core, hundreds of small improvements make it work more smoothly, easier to navigate and overall better looking than before. With few exceptions, compatibility isn't expected to be a major issue either.

In preparation for the launch this week, we thought it would be a good idea to run through a few things worth keeping in mind before taking the plunge. If you are thinking about going Windows 7, read on.

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