Telegram supergroups now support up to 10,000 members

In the last few days, Telegram 4.1 was released with a huge focus on supergroups; the limit has been raised to 10,000 users per supergroup, and admins now have more granular control over those groups. Additionally, Telegram on iOS has some sharing and 3D Touch improvements, and for users on Android, Android Pay support for Bot Payments has been implemented. Lastly, more action has been taken to help against censorship.

With supergroup limits being upped to 10,000 things will potentially get unwieldy for admins, in order to combat this, supergroup owners will want to take on more admins but may not necessarily want them to have every privilege. With this update, you can control the rights of admins; you can decide whether they’ll be able to change group info, delete messages, ban users, pin messages, or add new admins.

To further control these bigger supergroups from turning into a hectic mess, admins can now deploy partial bans, restricting certain rights of users. You can put users into a read-only mode, restrict whether they can send media, stickers, GIFs, or embed links.

In order for admins of supergroups to keep a tab on what various actions other admins have taken, Telegram 4.1 has added a recent actions section to the admins page. This section stores a log of all service actions that were taken in group over the last 48 hours.

The update also includes proxy server settings to help avoid connection issues in times when the app is censored by governments or ISPs. The proxy settings are available from the login screen as well as the Data and Storage section in the settings.

Source: Telegram

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