Tetris Royale is like Tetris 99, but for phones

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The announcement of a battle royale-style game of Tetris caught most everyone by surprise, but Tetris 99 turned out to be one of the most appealing offerings included in the Nintendo Switch Online service when it launched. Now, though, Tetris 99 is getting some competition from Tetris Royale.

To be clear, Tetris Royale isn't a console game, so whether or not it's competing with Tetris 99 is debatable. The title is being developed for smartphones by a company called N3TWORK, which is working with The Tetris Company.

Aside from that, there are some differences between the new mobile title and the Nintendo Switch one. Battles in Tetris Royale will consist of 100 players, instead of 99, and there will also be daily online competitions. A solo mode is also to be available, and that could be an advantage over the Switch game, where the single-player experience was made available more recently for $9.99.

Tetris Royale is the first of many titles that are expected to be launched as a result of the partnership between N3TWORK and The Tetris Company. The game is planned to enter beta testing on Android and iOS sometime this year.

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